Youth development

The Youth Empowerment and Employment Program (YEEP) seeks to empower the youth of Asembo through creative initiatives such as organising theatre performances, football trainings and tournaments and awareness campaigns against HIV/AIDS. This is an initiative under KSHI that brings together a group of youths to develop themselves educationally, socially and economically in the village.
The youths in this group have different family background. Many young people have lost their parents, dropped out of school, and have to find means of earning income in anyway possible. HIV –AIDS claim lives of the youths, and many are exposed to Sexually Transmitted Infections. Indulgences in excessive taking of changaa (illegally brewed liquor) have affected them so much. Most of them end up as fishermen, herd’s boys, or help in the farms. They earn 700 Kenyan shillings per month (8 euros or 10 dollars) from being a heads boy. During the farming seasons they earn 50 Kenyan shillings per day (0.6 euros, 0.7 dollars) for helping in the farms. However fishing is very seasonal. With this kind of earning they have also to take care of their younger siblings.
To date this project has through WKF received training from Danish football and theatre coaches in an event dubbed , ‘Football and Circus Against Aids’., Todate,KSHG continues to hold these trainings and tournaments as well as the HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns through its own means and has established. In an effort to raise income for the group, YEEP also organises guided bird watching tours and boat trips to Lake Victoria for visitors who come to the village., and They also participate with their own songs, dances and drama at parties, funerals and other events, thus generating a little income to sustain themselves.

Kanyakoo Self Help Initiative

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