Our programs

Giving our children a future


This is an initiative under KSHI, which was formed to look into the cases of education in the community. KSHI/EEP task is to do a survey and identify children who are genuinely in need, and then supported to pursue education in the community. This is done in collaboration with the child, the parents, caretakers or guardians and the school.

There are lots of deseases

Health care

This was a journey that took us nearly five years. A journey that started from make shift medical camps under the tree to provide basic health care to the community of kanyakoo and the neighboring villages of Asembo, to a temporary structure that has been used by volunteer clinical officers to offer medical services. 

Their business is our business

Women empowerment

WEEP seeks to empower and create employment for the women of Asembo through a tailoring unit, catering unit, handicraft unit and a revolving fund initiative .....

Your business is our business

Youth development YEEP

YEEP seeks to empower the youths through creative initiatives such as organizing theatre performances, football trainings and tournaments and awareness campaigns against HIV/AIDS.  This is an initiative under KSHI that brings youths together to develop themselves educationally, socially and economically .....

You are what you eat

Food security program

This program seeks to work with local community to ensure food security through sustainable farming! The development of human resources is essential for food security in asembo.....

Kanyakoo Self Help Initiative

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