About us

Kanyakoo self-help initiative


... is a non-profitable self-help group started in March 2004, working with about 30 families in Kanyakoo, a village of about 1500 inhabitants on the shores of Lake Victoria in the western part of Kenya. The village is situated in East Asembo, Bondo District in the Nyanza Province in western Kenya.
KSHI main objective is to cub poverty through self-help initiatives. The project has been started through trainings and initiation of small income generating activities; to make the community members realize their potentialities and creatively utilizing them in common wealth creation.


To eradicate poverty through self Help Initiatives.
Coninuous improvement

Our objectives

To support under-privileged children within Kanyakoo community to pursue basic primary education, Secondary and College education.
To socially and economically empower women and youth through life skill training, income generating activity and job creation.
To address the reproductive health needs of women, adolescents and youth.
To network with like minded agencies and organizations.


Kanyakoo is answerable to the advisory board and shall comprise the following organs:
  • An Advisory Board (AB)
  • A Secretariat (Program coordinator, Program Officer(s) and Support staff)

Kanyakoo Self Help Initiative

P.O BOX 49
Mobile phones:
  • COORDINATOR: +245726131357/+254733335124
  • CHAIRMAN: +254724803327
  • DIRECTOR: +254720987487
E-mail address:
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