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Kanyakoo self-help initiative


We the Luo tribe in Kenya are well known for the lavish spending on funerals! We focus so much on giving the dead the final and decent send off! We work in solidarity when a member of the community is dead and arrange for a decent funeral and not so much would be done for a member of the community when faced with challenges e.g. When they are sick OR when they lack resources to pursue education! At least we don’t show greater efforts as we do when someone is dead!
What can we do to better the lives of the living in the community? That’s why we started Kanyakoo self-help Initiative in April 2004 as a community based organization with a vision of holistic community development through self-help initiatives!
Kanyakoo Self-help Initiative is based in the western part of Kenya, Siaya County in Asembo on the shores of Lake Victoria.
Along the way as the saying goes by, something that is a live must grow; Kanyakoo Self–Help Initiative is growing in many ways in terms of our activities to better the lives of our community! Currently we are focused in these areas; EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT (YOUTH AND WOMEN), HEALTH, INTERNSHIP/VOLUNTEER/EXCHANGE PROGRAMS AND FOOD SECURITY!

We want to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and empower the vulnerable in community through sustainable self-help initiatives!
We are an open minded community that listens and welcome ideas that can move our community forward in bettering the lives of the people in our community.


To eradicate poverty through self Help Initiatives.
Coninuous improvement

Our objectives

To support under-privileged children within Kanyakoo community to pursue basic primary education, Secondary and College education.
To socially and economically empower women and youth through life skill training, income generating activity and job creation.
To address the reproductive health needs of women, adolescents and youth.
To network with like minded agencies and organizations.


Kanyakoo is answerable to the advisory board and shall comprise the following organs:
  • An Advisory Board (AB)
  • A Secretariat (Program coordinator, Program Officer(s) and Support staff)

Kanyakoo Self Help Initiative

P.O BOX 49
Mobile phones:
  • COORDINATOR: +245726131357/+254733335124
  • CHAIRMAN: +254724803327
  • DIRECTOR: +254720987487
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