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Kanyakoo has several guest houses, which can accommodate several people. The guesthouses are fully furnished. Guest can prepare their meals and can be assisted by the locals in making some African luo dishes. Guests can also stay with families. This will give them an ample opportunity to learn and experience way of life and the luo cultures. The guesthouses are at an affordable rate. Guests can be involved in the activities of different programs under Kanyakoo Self Help Initiative.

Asembo bay lies along the Winam gulf in the Nyanza Province, from Kisumu.

The road out of Kisumu to Asembo is littered with huge rocks and boulders of every size and shape imaginable. The rock structure here is reputed to be one of the oldest in the world dating back to pre-Cambrian times. As you drive in, the rock formation gets bigger and bigger. Against the clearest of blue skies, the rocks create a stark mosaic of granite against the sky. A turning on the side of the road leads to the rock of KIT MIKAYI (THE STONE OF THE FIRST WIFE) a sacred rock. The rock is set amidst local Luo homesteads. (The Luos are the third largest community in Kenya). From a distance, it gives the impression of two people standing. You can walk into the rocks through the narrow slits. Local legends abound about the rock. The ancestors found the rocks there. ‘ This community make sacrifices here during times of drought or other troubles”
Further through the vast landscapes you see stretches of Luo homesteads and vast farms. Lake Victoria lingers on your left as you drive further. Through the earth road, you see the lake in front of you, an indication that you are approaching Asembo bay.
    Asembo bay lies on the shore of lake Victoria. Here there’s an old shopping center called KAMITO that was started by Indians. The Indians inhabited and were doing business at this place in pre and post independence time. They shipped their merchandise through the lake from Kisumu. Later the business was not doing well and they moved back to Kisumu. But traces of the Indians can be seen, through the temple, the buildings and the cemetery that they left behind. The locals doing business now occupy the buildings. The temple was turned to a police post.

    Kisumu - Asembo - Kanyakoo

    At the pier in Asembo bay, a ferry (Kenya railways) operates twice a week to Kisumu. At the pier you can see Ndere Island (where there are wild animals), the Homa hills, and the Uyoma peninsula.
    A boat ride would take you to the different Islands on lake Victoria. Islands like Rusinga Island, Mageta Island (which is occupied by fishermen), Mfangano Island, Sifo Island, Sirafuongo Island, Ruodhi Island, and many other small islands.

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