Women empowerment

WEEP seeks to empower and create employment for the women of Asembo through a tailoring unit, catering unit, handicraft unit and a revolving fund initiative.

 However, there is need to further build the capacity of the women so as to equip them with business management skills, team building, group dynamics, and gender issues and table Banking  skills to empower them.

Most women in the community we realized did not complete their schooling program and for this reason we are trying to get back those who are young and willing to get an education or just basic reading and writing skills in collaboration with the relevant Ministry.

Revolving Funds
From July 2004 KSHI started organizing trainings and formations for this group of women on:
  • Team building
  • Group dynamics
  • Gender issues
  • Wealth ranking

All these is to prepare them for Micro Credit Program that will offer:

  • Trainings on loan management
  • Trainings on loan repayment
  • Business skills
  • Small loans, to small groups of women\men or individuals, who are not eligible for a bank loan because of their poor economic condition, and:
    - Want to start up a business
    - Or have emergency need for hospital services or school fees.

Achievements of revolving funds

During the year 2005 the women saved 10,200 in a group of 17 people. They decided to divide the amount to start their own business. Each member got 500 shillings. Members agreed upon the return of the money got to be within a period of six months, which is 30th June 2006. The 30 shillings contributed in the merry go round is always given to each member in turns. Women use this amount for domestic development whereby they mostly buy household utensils. Most of the members started some small-scale business eg.selling maize, beans, cooking samosa and simsim, selling vegetables and sweet potatoes. The profit got from the business differs depending with the season and product sold. This year the women have increased their savings from 10 shillings to 20 per week. At the end of the year 2006 they want to invest their savings into their own income generating initiative.The women can now offer themselves loans of up to 300 Kenya shillings, which they return with an interest of 10 percent.


Some women were not consistent in savings. The number also dropped from 23 to 17 women. This was due different economic capabilities. Some of them their earnings are meager thus has no possibility to save.


Sports have continued to play a crucial role in bringing the women together in the village. This has seen them start initiating interactions also with the neighboring villages and regions by organizing friendly tournaments. This has also helped in creating awareness of the existence of WEEP.

Dancing and singing

WEEP has continued to nurture Luo folk songs and dances. The group has since been well known in the region in dancing ‘DODO” a luo folk dance accompanied with singing.


In august 2005 23 women were trained in weaving baskets. This was with main aim of creating earning opportunities through production and selling of baskets. The two months training kick-started intensive production of baskets in the village. Women have been able to earn already from the weaving and selling that they do at their free time. Women have been able to earn up to 90 Kenya shillings per basket as net profit.

Doll Making

KSHI acquired two sewing machines that are being used in doll making. The doll making is being undertaken in the tailoring unit, a unit that was built for tailoring trainings, and due to lack of enough sewing machines the trainings have not taken root. Doll making also offers earning opportunity to the people who are interested.

Kanyakoo Self Help Initiative

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